Inconspicuous Support for your Colostomy, Urostomy or Ileostomy

Learning To Live With An Ostomy – The Active Support Belts Story

Crohn’s, Cancer & Chemo

Why did I have to learn how to start living with an ostomy? As a teen I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I suffered for years with periods of flare ups and remission and ultimately a bowel resection that claimed two feet of my large intestine.

This surgery and medication kept my Crohn’s under control and in remission for the better part of a decade. But as is sometimes the case for people with Crohn’s, years after my initial diagnoses, I received another one that was life changing. I had cancer.

The surgery to remove the tumor required removal of a large enough portion of my sphincter muscle that I needed a permanent stoma and colostomy bag. It took a year filled with radiation and several rounds of chemo, but I beat the cancer and have been cancer free for more than five years and counting (knocks on wood).

Living With An Ostomy

After the treatments stopped I was weak and rail thin, dealing with side effects from the life saving treatments, and still trying to come to grips with my ostomy. It took another year or two for me to finally get my strength and endurance back and for me to start feeling like myself again; yes, feeling like myself even though I had a stoma.

As a still relatively young and single man, my major concerns involved living with an ostomy while getting back to an active lifestyle. I really enjoy hiking and mountain biking – and frankly,  I was concerned with how to broach the subject of my stoma with a new romantic partner (and with figuring out the logistics of wearing a colostomy bag during more intimate moments).

Basically, no matter what I wanted to do, the bag seemed to get in the way. I tried close to a dozen existing solutions including a variety of specially made ostomy support belts, wraps, and underwear. Some were flimsy, some proved uncomfortable, others were just awkward to use, and the rest did not provide me with a sense of confidence.

Really Living With An Ostomy

It dawned on me that if what I wanted wasn’t available, I would have to make it myself. I started working; creating and testing several versions until I found the materials and a design that offered everything I needed – inconspicuous support, comfort and security, while allowing me to live an active and full life.

My background includes 15 years of project management experience in medical industry manufacturing. This knowledge helps me locate the best material sources and negotiate the lowest costs, to bring you our Ostomy Support Belts, while ensuring we maintain a consistent level of quality.

I wear one and it just works. I put it on in the morning and can go the whole day without thinking about it again because I barely know its there. I hope you will give the our Ostomy Support Belt a try. If it works for me, it can work for you. I truly hope it helps you live your best life. Shop for one now and start really living with an ostomy support belt.


Inventor, Active Support Belts